Industry terms: Childcare? Daycare? Preschool?

Childcare? Daycare? Preschool?

And so on and so on and so on. Over time what term is used to describe the field of Early Childhood Education changes. Remember the term Nursery School? It still exists but not so much anymore in conversation, however there are several schools that have that in their name.

I’ve also noticed it depends on who you are talking to as well. Parents typically use the word daycare across the board. However, those of us in the field probably use the word program or school when referencing their place of work. Saying things like, “at my school we have an awesome outdoor classroom!” Or “in our program we have staff meetings once a month.”

Early Childhood Education center names vary.

ABC Children’s Center
ABC Academy
ABC Private School
ABC Daycare Center
ABC Childcare Program
ABC Preschool
ABC School
ABC Learning Center
ABC Early Education Center
ABC Child Development Center
ABC Preschool Academy
Seriously? So many ways to brand a program by the words chosen after the ABC.
But….at the end of the day what is happening is the education of young children. Every program has a philosophy which is what makes one unique from the other.

Who are Early Childhood Education programs serving?

Typically birth to 8 years old which includes afterschool care, around 3rd grade. Could be all day or half day.
Most teachers have an age group that they love. When you are passionate about serving an specific age group, you are probably an AMAZING teacher!
A huge shout out to all teachers who work with children 2 years old and under. This is such a crucial time for brain growth and the interactions Infant Toddler Teachers have with children matter.

At Piazza we LOVE serving all programs!

We LOVE being able to offer a place where teachers have the opportunity to experience a variety of philosophies and environments. This is perfect for a teacher new to the early childhood education field. Each teacher finds that perfect fit where their soul sings and their heart is content! This is what we assist with.
So, in a nutshell, the program names, and terms for referencing early childhood education programs vary. But at the end of the day, we are all doing the same thing – educating young children.

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