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provides excellent, qualified long and short-term teachers with a call to serve early childhood programs. When you need a preschool teacher to step in, Piazza has you covered!
Piazza has successfully been in business since 1998 working with hundreds of childcare providers. Our team is here to provide you with the support you need.
We proudly serve programs in California.
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Staffing Services
Tustin, CA – Piazza premier preschool staffing, a team of early childhood professionals who advise and train childcare leaders how to optimize the operation of their early childhood programs, announce their expansion to offer top quality, temporary and permanent teachers, aids and directors to programs in California.
Piazza founder Bonnie Piazza said the expansion came after seeing many programs suffering with inadequate temporary staff that is not up to par with their own qualified staff: “Time and time again our clients talk about how unskilled the substitute teachers are from some agencies. We know our clients need more than a body. We understand how important it is to have quality staff on site at all times whether they are there for one day or six months.” We saw a huge need to offer excellent teachers to our clients. We are rigorous with our pre-screening, do on-site spot checks and all staff receive regular training. We have an extensive training program our temporary staff passes before assignment to a program.
Piazza is skilled to review all aspects of weekday programs, such as licensing, finances, policies, marketing, and more. Piazza works together with each program to offer the best ways for the program to be in ministry with the community. Piazza ensures revitalization of a program and works within the bounds of Community Care Licensing and sound business practices.
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