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Did you know that a Piazza (pronounced Pee-aat-suh) is a gathering place or town square?

It has long been a dream at Piazza Premier Preschool Staffing Agency to create an online gathering place where we can share Early Childhood Care & Education/Administration information together that benefits us all.

Everyone at Piazza wants you to live your best life, fulfill your purpose as an educator and be happy and well balanced because of it. Our blog is full of helpful tips and ideas for teachers and administrators alike.
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our core values

+ Excellence in All We Do
+ Having a Servant Heart
+ Passion for Early Childhood Education
+ Work Life Balance

Answer to my prayers

My experience with Piazza was truly an answer to my prayers. After just a couple months of subbing for several fabulous schools I was permanently placed into the position of my career as an Administrative Director. The Piazza team continues to stay in touch with me by providing quality subs for my center.

Lisa V.


Flexible Scheduling

Very flexible scheduling. I love working for Piazza.


from glassdoor

amazing & supportive

"Piazza has an amazing and supportive admin. team built of previous Directors All with the knowledge and experience of all the ins and outs of the early childhood field."


from glassdoor

caring & supportive

I appreciate the opportunity to be able to work at Piazza and for you guys keeping me busy! 🙂 I also wanted to say THANK YOU to you and the rest of the staff for being so caring and supportive of me. I truly do appreciate all of you and I’m glad to be a part of the wonderful team! Thank you AGAIN!!!

Mela C.


work/home life balance

Piazza provides a warm family feel. From home office staff, to teachers, to partner schools they are all family with Piazza. Piazza provides an amazing work/ home life balance. Allowing you to take care of you and your family.


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