Partner School Testimonials



What just a few of our Partner Schools are saying:



“The system is the easiest sub requesting system that I use. The ability to text and communicate with schedulers is fantastic. They keep me informed and also ask if I need extra assistance. The schedulers are prompt and kind. The teachers are on-time, professional, and willing to help out where needed.” – Chloe, LePort South






“We are faithful to Piazza!” – Allison, Patti’s Preschool






“Piazza teachers come with the positive attitude and have great interactions with the children. They are very professional, and we love having them at our center.” – Xochitl, Fourth St OCHS


“The teachers are experienced and capable of appropriately engaging with the children.” – Shaunee, Walter Head Start




“We love subs who are is engaging, playful, ready to help, and professional.” – Rebecca, Fairmont


“Love the texting feature!” – Jenna, Fairmont





“They engage with the staff and children, most important.” – Jon, Ladera CDC