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The Benefits of Outsourcing Early Education Staffing Solutions

Outsourcing staffing for early education has many benefits

Why would an Early Education program outsource teachers? It can be for several reasons, but the most common reasons are:

  • Program growth – enrollment is increasing faster than the ability to hire quality teachers.
  • Leaves of absence – maternity or disability leaves.
  • Vacations – current teachers who take vacation must be covered to help educate and care for the children in that classroom and maintain state ratios.
  • Industry shortages – more jobs are available than teachers to fill them.

Outsourcing teachers can have significant cost savings

One of the reasons not usually considered is cost savings. Many times, it is less expensive to hire a temporary or substitute teacher long term than to hire one permanently. Most administrators don’t take into consideration what the costs add up to for each employee. You can calculate that cost by adding up the hours it take to recruit, hire and onboard, taxes, social security, workers compensation, unemployment taxes, liability insurance, benefit packages, bonuses, vacation and sick leave. These costs are all absorbed by the outsourcing agency, like Piazza Premier Preschool Staffing Agency (Piazza).

By utilizing a professional staffing agency, you can acquire a teacher at the level you need. Meaning you can get the number of years of experience, education requirements, and the age group they love the most. It’s like handpicking every teacher you want and saving money!

Outsourced teachers help solve staffing shortages

I believe there is a stigma surrounding substitute preschool teachers and it’s time for that to change. There is a HUGE staffing shortage in the field and substitute teachers are filling those opening on a regular basis. In some of the centers our teachers serve they are the majority of the teachers there. Rather than have program closures we need to be the solution.

Staffing agencies provide flexibility early education teachers want

Staffing agencies also have the benefit of offering flexible schedules that permanent programs can’t or won’t offer. Teachers who work for Piazza need the flexibility to be able to care for family members or attend college classes. These schedules can vary, and a staffing agency has the ability to fill in with another teacher on those occasions when a Piazza Teacher can’t be there. We have heard stories where administrators won’t let a teacher take extended time off or take a class because they need them in the program. Totally understandable. Programs have state ratios to meet at all times and if they are already short staffed the thought of trying to cover someone on a regular basis to leave early for a class can feel daunting. This is happening so often right now; I believe programs need to look to agencies like Piazza as a Partner and valuable resource.

find great permanent hires through outsourcing

Another benefit to outsourcing is to find that permanent hire by trial. How awesome is it that you can test out a teacher from a staffing agency for as long as it takes to figure out that you would love to have them on staff permanently? Many times, the substitute falls in love with their long term position and is overjoyed at the opportunity to join the team permanently. This is a huge gift to all parties involved. Piazza’s end goal is for everyone to be served and happy with their contribution to the field of early childhood education.

Time to jump in with both feet and try outsourcing.

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